Right now our political leaders are considering drastic cuts to vital programs that could devastate our communities — cuts to education, health services, transportation, food assistance programs, FEMA, school lunches, the arts, medicare, social security… the list goes on and on. 

Rather than making the rich pay their fair share, politicians are planning cuts for you and me! Meanwhile the rich are getting richer. As a creative community, we want to expose this political game and create a critical mass of culture to fight back against this false “fiscal cliff” and save potential program cuts.

Art is a powerful way to inspire hearts and minds, and ultimately to build an energy to change the course of the tired debate played out by politicians.

We need your help. Please bring your considerable talent to this fight, to help us highlight the problem, and drive energy to the solution and to remind us why we fight.

About this effort

This project is a collaboration between CultureStrike, 5D Stories, & Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund.

CultureStrike aims to cultivate innovative and urgent collaborations between artists, writers, musicians, and other cultural workers and organizers to build public support for immigrant rights and other social issues shaping the country.

Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund is a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovation in the areas of policy, economics, and media. Our 600,000 members live in every community across the country, and are united by a bold promise: to defend, reinvent, and advance the American Dream.

NOTE: Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund does not exercise editorial control over the pieces displayed on ARTSTRIKE. The views and opinions of artists do not necessarily represent those of Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund, nor does the appearance of any art constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund.

5D Stories produces, publishes, and distributes multi-media art that increases human understanding and catalyzes human potential.